Search on Amazon With Liberal Companies Filtered Out (Beta)

BE AWARE of these companies! When you buy items on line, you can be supporting radical Left-wing organizations and/or agendas like Sanctuary cities, Anti-Second Amendment groups, and extremist liberal politicians.

Would you like to have a filter on your amazon account that allows you to block liberal companies that give money to left-wing organizations and support the left-wing agenda. ? You can!

Here is what you can do.

1) When you want to make a purchase, come to this page and type in the search the item you are looking for. You will immediately be taken to the amazon site except these liberal companies will not be there. You will be able to search for the item you want and avoid liberal companies. Most likely you will be able to find what you want without buying from liberal companies.

2) Help us create a list of liberal companies. Go to the list we have started and help us determine which of these companies we should boycott. Just hit the up arrow if you think they should be boycotted, and the down arrow if you think they should not be on this list. Also, add new liberal companies.

3) Lastly if you want to get this country on the right track, bookmark this page so all your purchases will be through this filter.